Top Gifts that are Better than “Stuff” This Holiday Season

“I have so much STUFF!” This is a common complaint in American households, and the holiday season only makes it worse. With marketing and advertising, people feel so much pressure to buy that they end up getting things they don’t want, being more excited about the gift receipt than the gift itself, or just leaving a pile of stuff unused and collecting dust. We hear many of our customers at our diner in NJ complaining about this, and we’ve engaged plenty on what their alternatives are. Here are our top “gifts” that are better than stuff!

  1. Recreate an experience. Do you remember the first time you met your spouse or best friend? Take them on a trip down memory lane and attempt to recreate it as well as possible! You may not get all the details right, but trying to recreate that casual lunch in New Jersey, stroll down a busy highway, or that moment that you decided to go dancing can bring back these great memories.
  2. Create new experiences! That memory from idea #1? Probably going to last longer than another piece of clutter in your house. Make new memories with those you love and go out and do something!
  3.  Reduced workload. This is the perfect gift for the person who does everything for everyone. Consider “borrowing” your friend’s car, taking it for a wash and oil change, and filling the tank. For the overworked cook, cater the next holiday party so nobody has to cook, or order elements of the meal online from Nautilus Diner!
  4.  Regift with purpose. Have other friends and family who are tired of the “stuff” war? Consider a regifting or swapping party! This keeps things out of landfills and can be a fun way of remembering those gifts without hoarding.

Have other great “gift” ideas? Share them below!

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