Why Small Businesses Are the Cornerstone of Your Community

Have you visited your favorite small business in Madison this week? As a local, small business, the Nautilus Diner in NJ wants you to think about the benefits that small businesses have not only for your appetite, but for your community. Read on to find out the top four reasons why small businesses are the cornerstone of your community.

  1. We give back to our communities. One of the best things about small businesses is that we give back to our communities. At the Nautilus Diner in NJ, we are always happy to see how we can help out our local schools, police departments, and charitable causes. This doesn’t just have a business benefit for us; we live in these communities and we want to see them grow and thrive as much as possible.
  2. Small businesses create two out of every three jobs in America. Can you believe this amazing statistic? This means that, when you support small businesses, you are supporting 66% of the workforce—not too bad for a quick meal!
  3. Problems are solved quickly. Have you ever had a problem with a big chain or franchise, and been directed to call some distant customer service department? Suddenly, you’re speaking to someone across the country that has no idea what happened! When you deal with small, local businesses, problems are typically solved on the spot. When our customers at the Nautilus Diner in Madison have a problem or concern, we try to resolve it to their satisfaction before they even leave the diner.
  4. You support your neighbors—and they support you. Remember the 2/3s of jobs that are created by small businesses? When you support those businesses, more cash is put into the area, since these employees are now able to visit other small businesses. Buying and dining locally from small businesses can help your whole community by giving the local economy a boost.Does this make you want to visit your favorite small business this week? Start with our diner in New Jersey! You’ll be amazed by our friendly service, high-quality food, and wide menu offerings at the Nautilus Diner.
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