Should Your Phone Dine With You?

Recent research from the Pew Research Center has found that over ¾ of Americans (77%, to be exact) own a smartphone. This means that conversations, texts, Facebook messages, and more are right at our fingertips, all the time. But does that mean that your phone should dine with you?

More and more diners experience the same problem when they go out—real life just isn’t as captivating as social media, and no wonder! When you dine out at a great diner in New Jersey, you are bringing along just a few close friends or relatives, not the hundreds of “friends” that you have online. So, how can you navigate temptation without being rude… or suffering from the dreaded fate of FOMO (fear of missing out)? Here are some of our ideas:

Match your dining partner. This tip is simple, and good social skills advice in general. Is your dining companion glued to his phone? It’s probably fine for you to check on your online life, but keep it brief. On the other hand, if your friends have stowed their devices in the car, back pocket, or sentenced them to “silent” mode, follow suit.

Remember the purpose. Think about why you’re out to lunch, dinner, or breakfast at the diner. Are you and your significant other having a lazy Sunday breakfast for lunch? A glance at your feed probably won’t be disruptive. On the other hand, if you’re out consoling your best friend after a rough breakup, your phone obsession may be seen as rude.

Set boundaries. For yourself and your dining partners, consider setting a phone rule. This can be especially useful for families with teens or for that 23% of Americans who laugh in the face of smartphones! Setting a time to check in on social media, such as the break between ordering and receiving food, or the time while waiting for the check to arrive, can keep you connected without wasting time.

Remember, there is no “one true way” to enjoy your meal. Perhaps you and your friends are all on your devices, interacting in a digital world, or maybe you could benefit from taking a break and enjoying the atmosphere of our exciting diner in NJ. No matter what, have a great time!

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