Great American Pies Month

Coming up in February is Great American Pies month! Now, we know that there is really no need to celebrate pie—honestly, have you ever needed to be convinced to eat pie? Still, we like to join the trend and find out all we can about this delicious dessert. Read on to find out more about the history of pies and our pie offerings at Nautilus Diner in New Jersey!

A history of pie. Pie can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, but back then, the crust was used solely to hold the fillings, not to be eaten—a trend that many people don’t realize they’re replicating when they scoop out the luscious filling and leave the crust! Over the years, pies, or “pyes” as they were called then, expanded to include an edible crust as well, and were often filled with savory ingredients including meat and cheese. Fruit pies first gained popularity in the 15th and 16th century, as royalty enjoyed the luxury of eating fruits that had been specially grown or imported. Pie came to the Americas with the pilgrims, and we’ve been eating it ever since!

Our Pies. At the Nautilus Diner in Madison, we serve up plenty of pies. No matter what we make them with, we use fresh fruit, homemade fillings, and bake our crusts fresh daily. We serve them up on their own or add ice cream for a la mode, but no matter how you enjoy it, try one today! Here are a few of our favorite.

Apple pie. An American classic for a reason! Our apple pie is made with fresh apples when they are in season, and are perfectly sweetened and spiced up with a little cinnamon. Bring back memories of dinner at Grandma’s or pretend you’re getting your fruit serving for the day, but stop in for some pie!

Reese’s peanut butter pie. This sweet little indulgence is truly American: we put candy in pie! Our Reese’s peanut butter pie is the perfect dessert for the peanut butter lovers; it is rich, thick, and the chocolate makes it even better!

Cherry pie. It’s hard to tell whether our apple or cherry pies are more popular, and for good reason: They’re both fantastic! Our cherry pies are filled with ripe, plump cherries that have been perfectly sweetened and baked in a light, crispy crust.

Next time you’re looking to fulfill your sweet tooth, head over to the Nautilus Diner in New Jersey for a sweet slice of pie! We offer whole pies to take home for the family or catering, so make sure to pick up something extra on your way home.

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