Why is Comfort Food So Comforting?

As the cold weather sets in, so does the urge to gobble down some comfort food! We all know the type—the creamy, starchy, savory dishes that fill us with warmth. But why is comfort food so comforting, and why do we share it with our best friends and close family members during these holiday seasons? At the Nautilus Diner in Madison, we have plenty of people taking advantage of our tastiest comfort food options each day. Find out why, below!

We’re addicts. When you put certain foods, such as fats, sweets, or salt into your body, the pleasure sensors in your brain light up with joy! Want that joy again? Put more of the same inside by visiting your favorite restaurant in NJ! Chemically, your brain craves these things, so you respond.

We need it. Our bodies know that they work harder in the cold. This increase in metabolism just to stay warm tells your body to eat more and get more fuel. Back when food was likely scarce in the winter season, a rich source of calories such as macaroni and cheese could have been the difference between life and death.

We belong. Okay, enough evolutionary biology already! There is more to humans than animal instinct! This is absolutely true, which is why a feeling of belonging is important when thinking of comfort foods. When we eat with others, but especially when we eat foods that bring us pleasure, we feel like we belong with those people.

It inspires good memories. Remember sharing a fresh slice of pie at grandmother’s house? Does your family enjoy a big breakfast each year during the holidays? Humans are social, and we organize many engagements around food. This means that the foods you’ve loved before bring back those good memories. That’s why most comfort foods are “kid foods,” because you have been liking them since you were barely old enough to hold a fork!

Are these enough reasons for you to start wanting some great foods? If so, head on over to the Nautilus Diner in NJ! We have plenty of food options ranging from comfort foods, to healthy options, to desserts!

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